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Turn Your Home from Drab to Fab with the Help of ASID!

by Michelle Reedy and Alan Swider

Looking to spruce up your Somerset County home but don’t know where to begin? Now is your opportunity to consult with a professional interior designer! The New Jersey Chapter of the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) is here to help!

Take advantage of ASID’s "Design Experience…Impacting Lives through Professional Interior Design"! This exclusive New Jersey program is being offered through June. ASID will match participants with a professional interior designer for a one to two hour long consultation. This unique opportunity allows homeowners to experience working with a professional interior designer, learn about their personal design style, and find the right fit for their budget and home.

The cost of the program is $250 per hour. That is an incredible deal to work with some of the best professionals in the business!


Ready to make your home look its very best? Do not delay! Registration for this program ends Wednesday, May 31st.


Sign up for "Design Experience…Impacting Lives through Professional Interior Design" HERE!

If you are interested in Buying or Selling your Somerset County home, give R&S Home Team a call today or visit our website at   

Safely Dispose of Items at Recycling Rallies in Basking Ridge and Warren!

by Michelle Reedy and Alan Swider

It’s officially Spring! That means time for spring cleaning! Have old electronic equipment or items that you no longer use but do not know what to do with? Verizon is once again hosting their annual Recycling Rally in Basking Ridge and Warren to help you safely dispose of these unwanted items. Verizon will ensure that the items are reused and recycled instead of ending up in a landfill, where they can be detrimental to the environment. These events are free and open to the public. Help go green by dropping off your items at the one of the rallies and clear your house or office of some unnecessary clutter this spring!

Drop Off Location Information

Basking Ridge

Tuesday, April 25th | 7:30 am - 2:00 pm

1 Verizon Way, Basking Ridge (Drop-off point in overflow lot)


Thursday, April 27th | 7:30 am - 2:00 pm

30 Independence Boulevard, Warren (Drop-off point in parking lot)

Accepted Recyclable Items

Alarm Clocks

Aluminum cans, Glass, and/or Plastics

Audio and Stereo Equipment


Computer Cables, Keyboards, and Mice

Conferencing Equipment, Paper Shredders, Printers

CRT or LCD Monitors and TVs

Desktop and Laptop Computers

Electronic toys

Gaming Consoles

Microwave Ovens

Remote Controls

Small Electronic Appliances (i.e. can openers, coffee makers, toasters, etc.)

Telephones and Answering Machines

Vacuum Cleaners

**Please make sure to remove all batteries from items and wipe the hard drives from computers.

Unacceptable Items

Hazardous Waste (i.e. batteries, ink, mercury bulbs, toner, etc.)

Medical Waste

Radioactive Material (i.e. X-ray equipment)

Refrigerators and/or Freezers

Units with Fluid (i.e. motors, pumps)

Show Some TLC to Your Home's Exterior This March

by Michelle Reedy and Alan Swider

The exterior of your Somerset County home takes a beating during the winter. Snow, ice, and wind damage can lead to future problems with your home. As the weather continues to warm up, March is the perfect time to examine the outside of your home and repair any issues you find. Completing these home maintenance tasks this month will have your house prepared to handle spring showers and keep you comfortable throughout the rest of the year. Check out our list of places to show a little love this March to your home’s exterior.

  • Roof

    • Look for loose or missing shingles. Inspect vent pipes and flashing for cracks and other damage. Hire a professional to make repairs as soon as possible, if necessary.

  • Gutters

    • Remove all the natural debris and leaves that have accumulated in the gutters so that water can be properly directed away from your home. Add gutter guards to avoid the need to complete this task again next month.

  • Siding

    • Wash off the winter’s dirt on your home with a long brush and warm, soapy water to give it a fresh look before spring.

  • Windows and Doors

    • Check out all the caulking around windows and doors. Apply a high quality, latex, exterior caulk to areas where the caulk has worn thin or cracked.

  • Decks

    • Remove debris and leaves from in between your deck’s boards. Fix any loose boards that you find. Make the deck look new again with a good cleaning.

  • Walkways and Driveway

    • Check the asphalt or concrete around your house for cracks caused by the winter weather. Add a sealant to minor cracks or hire a professional to fix the larger issues.

  • Yard

    • Pick up branches and sticks on the lawn before giving it an initial mowing. Prune flower bushes and other landscaping so that they have the chance to properly grow this spring.

  • Air Conditioner Condenser

    • Remove dust and debris from inside your AC condenser so that it can run properly during those hot summer months. Consider hiring a professional to do this task for you as they can give the condenser the most thorough cleaning without causing any damage to the unit.

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